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Africa Needs to Accelerate Agricultural Reform: PM Hailemariam. January 30/2018

Addis Ababa January 30/2018 Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn urged African countries to accelerate agricultural reform and transformation by developing best practices in the sector.The Premier made the remark on a meeting of heads of states of small group of countries on the Agricultural Transformation Scorecard.Accelerating agricultural reform is crucial in the continent where the sector is the significant contributor to the national economies of most of the countries and the basis of the vast majority of employment opportunities, he said.

He also noted that the agriculture sector will continue to be one of the major drivers of development in the continent.Noting that there are progresses on some key issues across the continent, Hailemariam said there are areas in which the AU can collectively do better.

He said that there are countries that are progressing ‘quite rapidly’ in key areas and learning from these countries could pull others that are struggling to realize development.Taking examples of some countries that are in the transformation process, the Premier urged other countries to follow their footsteps by developing their best practices.

A continent wide agricultural transformation requires both developing best practices and learning from those experiences, the Premier said.

Source Ethiopian News Agency

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