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Agreement of Sale or Donation of Immovable Properties /House, Building or Lease Right/

Requirement to get the service
  • Legally prepared contract/Form/
  • Title deed of the house. /The house must be located within Addis Ababa city administration/
  • Receipt of land and house tax paid for the current fiscal year.
  • Marriage certificate, if no previous marriage letter from the required authority or municipality which provides non-existence of marriage,
  • Inheritance certificate if transferred through patrimony
  • If the purchaser is an Ethiopian origin foreign national, ID card issued from the concerned Authority.
  • If the seller has been already registered in the commercial register, must produce clearance providing free from unpaid tax, to be issued by appropriate tax authority.
  • If the contract is transfer of lease right, in addition to the above with the exception of land and have tax receipt
  • Lease contract
  • Receipt of lease payment
  • If the purchaser is a foreign national, investment license, etc…
Steps to get the service
  1. The client will request for the documents to be authenticated and registered
  2. Debt/injunction will be checked by an authorized personnel
  3. The department head will check if the request is not against legal and moral grounds
  4. An authorized personnel will follow up, check and register the agreement
  5. Service payment will be received by the cashier
  6. The document will be stamped, dated and numbered by an authorized personnel
  7. The department head will sign on the documents
  8. All the pages of the document will be stamped
  9. The original document is given to the client and copy will be retained and forwarded to archive.