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ATA Says Tackling Seed Provision Problems Successfully. August 09/02018


Addis Ababa August 09/02018 Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) says it has been solving seed provision problems successfully through the Direct Seed Marketing (DSM) Project that started in 2011.

Over 370,000 quintals of seeds were supplied for sale to 228 woredas in four regional states through the project in 2017/8.

As a result of the full involvement of producers that supplied the seeds to farmers the regional governments were able to save over one billion birr, which they used for other development works, ATA Chief Executive Officer Khalid Bomba said.

At a press conference held today, the CEO said that the goal of DSM is to set up a robust seed marketing system that creates the market environment and incentives for seed producers to deliver seed effectively through multiple channels.

He added that since the inception of the project, many seed multipliers, including cooperatives, public and private channels have been doing better jobs in supplying quality seed to farmers.

According to Khalid, quality seed should be presented to farmers on time and efficiently.

Agriculture and Livestock Resources State Minister, Eyasu Abreha said on his part efforts are being invigorated to establish a seed marketing system that enhances productivity.

Producing drought resistance product is crucial, he said, adding that one of the important things to take into consideration is using technology in seed development.

The state minister revealed that 72 percent seed is multiplied by the government, 9 percent by the private sector, 3 percent by cooperatives, and 16 percent by primary cooperatives and seed unions.

Emphasis will be given to establishing a system that would help scale up direct seed marketing and efforts to further increase accessibility of products, Eyasu added.

Director for Inputs and Crop Protection Program at ATA, Yitbarek Semeane said reducing seed distribution chain among producers and farmers, creating sense of competition among seed producers were a few of the achievements of the project.

DSM Project was introduced in 2011 to address unavailability of crop varieties at the right time, place, and quantity for farmers, mismatch in demand and supply resulting in shortage in some areas and excess in others.

Source : Ethiopian News Agency


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