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USAID Launches New HIV/AIDS Project. May 09/2018

Addis Ababa May 09/2018 The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a new follow-on project and HIV services for key and populations activity,   following its conclusion of Mulu Most at Risk Population's Project on combating HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.

According to a US Embassy press release issued yesterday, USAID has launched a five-year HIV services for key population activity to continue fighting against the disease that started by Mulu Most at Risk Population's Project.

Through community-based clinical services and public laboratory facilities, the project will continue to improve HIV testing, link people to HIV treatment, and track viral load suppression, it elaborated.

The project aims to help Ethiopia reach UNAIDS and PEPFAR goal of having 90 percent of people living with diagnosed, 90 percent diagnosed people on anti-retroviral treatment, and 90 percent of people in treatment with a fully suppressed viral load by 2020, the release added.

The previous project, Mulu Most at Risk Population's Project, provided community-based HIV services through a network of public and private facilities over the last five years.

The project also established drop-in centers that offered comprehensive and confidential HIV testing, care, and treatment reaching more than 600,000 female sex workers and other individuals at high risk of contracting HIV infection.

Source : Ethiopian News Agency 

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