LEHULU Government Service Centers LEHULU Government Service Centers

Common Service Centers (CSCs) are those hubs where services like Information dissemination, acceptance of service requests and delivery of services is provided to the customers at a single point of service delivery. LEHULU is one of such centers which is currently offering billing services on behalf of four government organs and is expected to expand into delivering various Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B) and selected B2C services.

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology implemented UBS One project in Addis Ababa and UBS Two project in Four Regions (Bahir Dar, Meqelle, Adama and Hawassa) in order to consolidate bill payment (and other payment) services and provide e-Government services in a single center. These centers have been branded as ‘LEHULU’ by the Ministry.

LEHULU is a government service center run by a private partner on Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement on a Build Operate, Own and Transfer (BOOT) basis. Presently, LEHULU is offering services of collecting monthly bills to the Ethio Telecom, Ethiopian Electric Utility, and Addis Ababa Water & Sewerage Authority and collect traffic penalty fines for Addis Ababa City Government Transport Bureau.

Currently, LEHULU is running in 34 service centers in Addis Ababa, 4 centers in Bahir Dar and 4 centers in Meqelle. MCIT has now initiated a project to ensure the continuity and modernity of the current services and expand the services provided by LEHULU into providing a large array of eGovernment services via multiple channels through a massive Service and Technology Rollout.

MCIT plans to incorporate more organizations, services and modes of payment into the current LEHULU services as well as enhance the quality, modernity and number of currently available LEHULU Service Delivery Centers in Addis Ababa and expand services to different regions. LEHULU is planned to provide several e-Government services using multiple Service Access Channels. In addition to Customer Service Centers, the service access channels will include Online and Mobile access channels, Government Contact Center, and Government Service Kiosks.