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Al-Basar Int'l Foundation to Build Ten Eye Hospitals in Ethiopia. November 20/2017

Addis Ababa  Al-Basar International Foundation has announced today that it will start constructing an eye hospital and a training center in Addis Ababa this year and build additional ten hospitals in the 9 regional states and Dire Dawa City Administration.

The hospitals in the 9 regional states and Dire Dawa City will be built in the coming ten years.

A delegation led by Secretary General of Al-Basar International Foundation, Dr. Adil Al-Rushud had discussions today with State Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael.

Secretary General Adil said Ethiopia is one of the countries out of the 44 in which Al-Basar International Foundation operates and would like to further strengthen its activities.

According to him, the foundation has been carrying out eye surgeries in Ethiopia since 2000.

It has examined more than 143,000 eye patients and operated about 20,000 over the last six years.

Al-Basar International Foundation will contribute 25 million USD to facilitate the realization of the eye hospitals, it was learned.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael said Al-Basar International Foundation has given remarkable eye treatment services by coming to Ethiopia over 26 times during the last six years.

It has distributed more than 40,000 eye glasses, he added.

The State Minister stated that Al-Basar International Foundation has finalized preparations to temporarily give eye treatment in Addis Ababa in a rented house until the completion of the construction of its own building over the next 3 years.

Al-Basar International Foundation delivers eye treatment services in 44 countries all over the world. Read more

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