SNNP Regional State SNNP Regional State

Flag of SNNP Regional StateThe State of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' comprises 10% of the total area of the country, that is administratively divided in to 9 zones, 72 woredas and 5 special woredas. There are a total of 77 woredas and 149 towns in the State. The rural part of the State had 3804 farmers' association at the time of the 1994 census.


The capital city of the State is Awassa.


The State lies in the southern part of the country. It has common borders with Kenya in the south, the Republic of the Sudan in the South west, the State of Gambella Peoples' in the North west, and the State of Oromiya in the North and East.


According to the CSA (Central Statistics Authority) annual statistical report, the State has an estimated area of about 112,323.19 sq. kms.


According to the 1994 census report, the total population size of the State is 10,377,028 of which 5,161,787 were males and 5,215,241 females. The rural population of the State accounts for 93.2% of the total population. North Omo, Sidama, and Guragie are the three zones with the highest number of population.  The population is concentrated mostly in eastern, northern and central part of the State while the western and southern part of the State is sparsely populated.

Multi-ethnic groups that add to more than forty five indigenous ethnic groups characterize the state. According to the 1994 census result, the predominantly spoken languages include, Sidamigna 18%, Gruagigna 14.72%, Wolayitagna 11.53%, Hadiyigna 8.53%, Keffigna 5.22%, and Kembatigna 4.35%. Other languages spoken in the State are, Gamoigna, Malo, Goffa,  Gedeo and many others. The working language of the state is Amharic.

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