Somali Regional State Somali Regional State

Somali Region flagThe State of Somali has a very large area size ranking second next to Oromiya. At present the state comprises 9 administrative zones and 49 woredas.

Jijiga is the capital city of the State.

The State of Somali is located in the eastern and south eastern part of Ethiopia. The State has common boundaries with Afar and the Republic of Djibouti in the north, Kenya in the south, the State of Oromiya in the west, and Somalia in the east and in the South.

The State of Somali has an estimated area of about 250,000 square kilometres.

According to the census conducted at the beginning of September 1997, the number of the population of the state was 3,439,860 of which 1,875,996 were males and 1,563,864 females. The urban residents of the State of Somali number 492,710 households in the region, with an average of 6.6 persons per household. The State has a high sex ratio of 120 (the number of males) to 100 females.

The ethnic composition includes, Somali 95.6%, Oromo 2.25%, Amhara 0.69%, and Somalians 0.63%, and Guragie 0.14%.

Somaligna is predominantly spoken within the State. It constitutes 95.9%. It is also the working language of the State, Other major languages are Oromifa 2.24%, Amaharic 0.92%, and Guragigna 0.033%.

According to the census result, 98.7% of the population are Muslim. 0.9% Orthodox Christians, and 0.3% are followers of other religions.

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